Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Voting No

  1. Much to the proponents' dismay, the money is not for the kids. It goes to administrators, in services  and the new swear word in schools, consultants.
  2. The cuts that RUSD is threatening have nothing to do with the money they are requesting. Cuts could be made without touching art, music, buildings and grounds services. It apparently is easier to cut educational programs, than trim the fat at central office.
  3. Giving Unified money just condones Dr. Hicks and his wasteful programs.
  4. The money has done no good. Test scores are still below average, truancy and discipline are still big problems. What has the money done in the past to help these real problems?
  5. Why are we the only district that has this problem? MPS and KUSD have not asked for 16 referreda since 1993.
  6. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recommends voting no and the Racine Journal Times has printed anti-referrendum editorals and news stories examining the waste. Two institutions who are known for supporting school boards and tax increases don't even like this referrendum. There must be a reason.